Third is the latest album release from the London-based instrumental four piece, Tout, and its most ambitious record to date. Drawing on a range of influences including Neil Young, Dirty Three and Do Make Say Think, Third's ten instrumental tracks evoke sprawling vistas, outback lands, expanse and movement. Emotive viola rides atop country-tinged rhythms and thudding double bass. Distorted guitars occasionally emerge to bring dirt and dissonance to the highly crafted melodies.

Nick Downes - Guitar / Percussion / Synth / Piano / Lap Steel / Harmonica // Jonny Fryer - Guitar / Percussion / Synth / Piano / Lap Steel / Tanpura // Jonny McKemey - Drums // Simone Potter - Viola / Cello / Piano // Peter Bennie - Double Bass / Electric Bass // David Coulter - Saw / Jaw Harp // Robin A. Dalton - Trumpet

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