the fall of the flamingo gardens

adam coney

Adam’s first solo release for Trestle records features eleven new instrumentals offering a rich variety of tone and expression ranging from the pastoral uplifting hooks of Don Connection bringing to mind the genre-melding of Jim O’Rourke to the gonzo frenetic meandering of Harvest Of Tongues. Influenced by the intimacy and restraint of classic jazz and folk recordings Adam inflicted a series of self-imposed limits to draw out an articulate clarity. Acoustic flavours such as the snare hiss, double bass snap and raw guitar strings were heightened considerations during the capturing of an intimate home-production ethic.


'the product of singular fascinations that cohere into something remarkably persuasive' - The Wire


'a deep exploration of guitar timbres' A Closer Listen

Jonny Fryer - Additional Guitar (1) Peter Bennie - Double Bass (1) (2) (5) (8) Dean Valentine Smith - Snare Drum & Cymbal (6) (9) Nick Siddall - Additional Guitar (7) Christian Berg - Saxophone (9) Harry Broadbent - Piano (11)

the fall of the flamingo gardens

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