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Kuljit Bhamra - Tabla // Bex Burch - Ghanaian Gil Xylophone // Magnus Mehta - Hand Percussion

Our 18th One Day Band session, curated by Vula Viel’s band leader Bex Burch, features Bex in collaboration with Kuljit Bhamra and Magnus Mehta.

Bringing together three accomplished percussionists the 4 tracks exhibit a stream of rhythmical improvisation and symbiotic collaboration. Combining sounds from a globally disparate selection of instruments, Indian Tabla, Ghanaian Gil xylophone and Latin hand drums ODB 18 offers a rare experiment focused entirely upon percussion.

ODB 18 - Kuljit Bhamra // Bex Burch // Magnus Mehta

Pavilion (single) // ADAM CONEY

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