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Andrew Blick - Trumpet, Sound Treatments // Peter Gregson - Cello // Land Observations - Acoustic 12 String, Electric 6 String Guitar // Simon Fisher Turner - Electonics

ODB 14 was curated by James Scott Brooks who records under the monicker Land Observations, a London based artist known for minimalist, looped electric guitar compositions that progressively layer into propulsive rhythmical instrumentals. He has released two albums to date on Mute Records and is currently completing the third. The session features Land Observations leading the way with repetitive finger picking bringing to mind the guitar style of 60,70,s American primitivists such as Fahey and Basho and more recently Six Organs Of Admitance. The 12 string guitar flows ever forward setting the mood and rhythm. Gregson’s cello complements with a range of duties from melodic leads to textured dragging, drones and stacatto. The trumpet is also often played in long droning notes, mourneful and with additional effects creating delays and reverb resulting in an atmospheric quality that is beautifully symbiotic with Simon Fisher Turner’s electronic contributions.

ONe Day Band No. 14

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