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Charles Hayward Drums // Chris Sharkey - Guitar, Bass & Electronics // Jack Wyllie - Sax, Synth and FX

Session 16 brings together the kinetic inventiveness of drummer Charles Hayward with the echoing sax-scapes of Jack Wyllie and the guitar/bass dexterity of Chris Sharkey. Shifting with inventiveness, balancing improvised gesture and time keeping Charles’s playing is consistently offering up ideas. Jack’s saxophone sound, well known from his activity with The Portico Quartet, bathes the session in atmospheric drones, augmenting the saxophone as he does with fx pedals to provide synth like textures. It’s a sound drifting in from a distance, reminiscent of Ethiopian and North African jazz sensibilities. Chris Sharkey provided both guitar and bass during the session, ranging his style from staccato bass grooves, exploratory jazz riffs to FX soaked drones and occasional laptop samples.

One Day Band Session 15 - Alex Keegan // Sam Parkin // Francine Perry

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