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Pavilion (single) // ADAM CONEY



Evelyn Glennie - Timpani / Waterphone / Music Box / Tibetan Singing Bowl / Kalimba // ROLY PORTER - PROCESSING & Electronics

Our 17th One Day Band features a collaboration between renowned solo percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie and electronic musician Roly Porter. 

The compositions range tonally from droned patience, cloaked in subtlty to cacophonous frenetic expression and abrasive crackling feedback. The tracks all possess a quality of movement, evolving with elemental ferocity. Thoughtful melodic kalimba give way to pounding timpani thuds and manic metallic tapping. Ominous sounds reach out from the distance, shrouded to then lurch into focus with increasing intensity.  Later during the session Roly rerecorded segments of Evelyn's playing. Amplified through guitar amps via a chain of distortion effects pedals, bowed cymbals were transformed into a wailing tsunami of sonic crunch. In the following months Roly processed and arranged the improvisations into a textured and dynamic sound world of which he is know for in both his recent solo LPs and his past work as a member of Vex'd.

ODB 17 - Evelyn Glennie // Roly Porter

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