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Jim Daoud - Guitar, Ableton // Sean Douglas - Synths // Tim Jacobs - Bass // Morgan Simpson - Drums

Session 13 is a four piece featuring Morgan Simpson on Drums, Jim Daoud on guitar and fx, Tim Jacobs on bass and Saun Douglas on analog synthesisers. The players very easily locked into a session where the focus was on playing, melody, riffs and groove. It's very much the sound of musicians enjoying themselves. Jim's guitar, often processed through digital effects strays into synth frequencies creating a full sound, utilising delay, pitch shifting and complex reverbs. Sean, using a Prophet 5 synth, builds texture with noise and fuzzed pad drones resulting in atmospheric backgrounds and ambient washes. Morgan's drumming switches easily between styles. Dynamic and driving the session with Tim's bass often pitched low giving a dub / sub grounding to the session.

Karras // Group hug

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